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Forestry Museum of Lapland tells the story of forest workers, forestry and technological developmenet in Lapland. It saves, researches, maintains and presents the cultural heritage of Lapland’s forestry history. Forestry museum is the only museum in the world that concentrates on fostering the history of forest work in Finnish Lapland.

The museum is open mainly during the summer season. Also, group booking are welcome. You’re welcome to have a look!

History comes close


The Forestry Museum of Lapland presents Lapland’s history through artifacts and buildings. In the museum, history comes close to the visitor, for the artifacts are plenty and all the buildings can be entered into.


Lapland’s Forestry Museum Association

Lapland’s Forestry Museum Association was founded in 1962 to preserve logging and timber floating culture and forest work heritage as well as to maintain the Forestry Museum of Lapland in Rovaniemi. The museum was first opened to public in 1968.


The operation of Lapland’s Forestry Museum Association is for purpose of public utility for cultural activity. The mission of the association and the museum it maintains is to preserve and present the cultural heritage of Lapland’s forestry, both material and immaterial.


Through its activities, the Forestry Museum of Lapland strengthens the local people’s knowledge of the use of Lapland’s forests. In addition, it expands understanding the importance of logging and timber floating for Lapland. The museum’s preserving activity covers particularly the eras of handwork intensive logging and timber floating, from circa end of 19th century to 1960’s.


If you’re interested, get in touch! We’ll be glad to provide more information on our activities.

Chairman of the Lapland’s Forestry Museum Association
Juri Laurila

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