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Museum grounds

Forestry Museum of Lapland is an outdoor museum located in the Pöykkölä part of the town, circa 3.5 kilometers from the city centre.


Museum area is idyllic and close to nature situating in picturesque scenery near water, in a countryside-like environment. If you are looking for a genuine, experiential and touching history, the forestry museum is your place.

There’s plenty to renovate - always


There are currently 14 different buildings on the museum grounds whereof nine of them are museum buildings. The maintenance of the buildings has provided a reasonable amount of work for the association over the years. Resources permitting, roofs have been repaired and logs have been replaced.



Renovations have been carried out with the help of various contributions. In addition, volunteer work of the members of  Lapland Forestry Museum Association has had a major importance on the museum's upkeep.

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