Experience Forestry Museum of Lapland


When looking for something different and interesting activity in Rovaniemi during the summer season, welcome to the Forestry Museum of Lapland.

Displays and stories

Forestry Museum of Lapland tells a story of Lapland’s great logging era extending from 1870’s all the way through to machine operated forestry of 1960’s-1970’s. In the wooded museum area there are genuine logging cabins, logging tools, timber floating tools and forestry machines on display.


Forest cabins and other buildings have been transferred to the museum’s location from various parts of Lapland and all the cabins, stables and saunas have their own interesting history. Also the items on display have their own story: one of the most interesting and impressive items on the museum’s ground is Sandberg’s steam locomotive that was perhaps the first of its kind used on machine operated logging sites in Finland.

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Groups are also welcome to the Forestry Museum of Lapland. We kindly ask you to book in advance, for the museum is closed to the public at the end of August.


We recommend a guided tour to accompany your group’s visit. This aids you to get better knowledge from your tour around the museum. During our guided tours you will learn the stories and facts about Lapland’s forestry history from early 19th century to 1960’s.


The entrance fee is 6 Euros per person + a one-hour vividly guided tour around the museum 40 Euros per group.