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Sandberg's Steam Locomotive


The first mechanical logging site in Finland was started in 1912 in Nuorti, Savukoski, Eastern Lapland. Hugo Richard Sandberg, the chief forester on Kemi Oy, ordered two steam locomotives from America. Steam locomotives were planned to use in transportation of logs.

Until this it had been impossible to cut these forests, because rivers in that area doesn't flow to the Kemijoki river. Steam locomotives allowed log transportation to the nearest river in the Kemijoki river drainage area.

One steam locomotive pulled 5-9 full sledges of logs, which is approx. 50-80 logs. Steam locomotive with cargo weighted 56 000–138 000 kilograms.

Steam locomotives needed good icy roads and it took many days and men to build them. Steam locomotives are high which means that they fell easily. It required skills and a lot of men lifting them up.

Hugo Richard Sandberg (1849-1930)


Hugo Richard Sandberg was a legendary manager of the Lapland's first timber company Kemi Oy. Sandberg came to the lead of Kemi Oy when it was established in 1893.

Sandberg is mostly known because of his experimentations among log transportation machines. He was also very impressive and charismatic person, why he was sometimes awed and even hated among the lumberjacks.

Sandberg didn't approve alcohol use and he also demanded good manners and loyalty. It is told that even the toughest man shivered when Sandberg lectured him.

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