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Meetings and recreational days at Forestry Museum


The Lapland Forest Museum offers an excellent setting for Savotta-inspired recreation days and meetings in the authentic surroundings of the Forest Museum in the beautiful shore scenery of Salmijärvi.


The Forest Museum of Lapland was founded in 1962 and tells the story of logging and uitto work, the life of the guys in the camp and how forest work has changed over the last hundred years. On a guided tour of the museum, you will get information about the history of forest work in the area and get to know the interesting stories of the buildings.


Welcome to Lapland's Forest Museum - a unique stage of forestry history to get to know Lapland's logging history and hear interesting stories about the twists and turns of cabin life.


Get in touch, and we will tailor a forest-inspired meeting and recreation day that fits your needs. Reservations and inquiries (tel. 040 536 0080 during museum opening hours). ​ << Back

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