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Buildings through the decades


A number of historic buildings and constructions have been moved onto the museum’s site since 1960’s from different parts of Lapland. The oldest buildings date back to the early 20th century, the newest originate from 1950’s. Tour around the museum offers its visitors a vivid picture of logging and timber floating life through different time periods.



In 1963 the transfer of “Koivu bunk house” built in 1904 started the era of constructing on the museum’s site lasting for two decades. During 1965-1966 in order to complete the floating entirety, a boathouse was erected and a steam ship “Uitto 6” was placed on the Salmijärvi shore in 1967. Next year pontoon motor-wing boat “Uitto 33” was brought in to keep company to Uitto 6.


In 1968 a smoke sauna originating from 1940’s that had belonged to Kemi company was transferred to the site. Next year a bunk house telling a story of life in bunk houses in the 20th century was erected onto the site.



Year 1970 was a significant year. This year two buildings which the museum had received as a donation were erected. One of them was a storehouse from 1920’s that had operated on the logging site in Savukoski. The other one was a stable from the 1940’s. A canopy to protect the Sandberg’s steam locomotive and other forestry machines was also built. The same year a grandiose transfer operation of Luiro float cabin was started. This operation received significant help from the Finnish National Board of Forestry and Veitsiluoto company. The erection of the building was a two-year undertaking, and would have not taken place without the professionals and the help of local forest companies that were involved in the Forest Association’s activity.




The construction work continued through 1970’s with the erection of two outdoor lavatories that were for a long time in public use. A couple of other houses were also erected during the 1970’s. In 1984 a storehouse was transferred onto the site and the transfer of Ahmakuusikko cabin from Hirvas was carried out in 1986. The latest museum building that has been transferred onto the site was a float storehouse that found its place near the float cabin in 1989.

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